Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crappy Season!!

I really hate this time of year. It gets chilly (or downright cold) and overcast. These two things tend to take their toll on me. I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder along with Seasonal Affective Disorder. To top it off, it is the "Holiday Season" where everyone is supposed to be merry. I rarely see this.

First there is the fight about Christmas and stores saying "Merry Christmas". Christmas is just one of the many holidays that take place during the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year so "Happy Holidays" is more inclusive. It's not a matter of keeping "Christ" in Christmas so much as trying to have people see there are other holidays. No one wants to remove anything, but they may not want their holiday bullied away.

Second, people (same ones screaming for "Merry Christmas") are rude and inconsiderate as they jostle for all of those gifts under the tree. A tree is part of Yule, and is thus, Pagan. All of the lights that people oooh and aaah over represent the light which is symbolic of both Hannukah and Yule. What you see and hear is anger and frustration when people put these symbols up.

Third, there is dealing with family - some you want to deal with and some you may not. You may be estranged from some family members with little chance for reconciliation since they do not want to talk. It can feel like there is an emptiness you carry around (here, too!!).

So, no, I don't smile as much during this dark time of the year. I don't feel like it. I fake it as best I can. Fake it til you make it, right?


  1. Last weekend I ran a Devotional at the Temple in which I talked about the same thing! And this guy had something to say that brought things into a bit of perspective. At least on the shopping aspect anyway. He said that these people who trample one another to buy these gifts like crazy without the cheer that is supposed to be spread about are missing something in their lives. And he further said that we should stop and really feel sorry for them. Perhaps light a candle for them in hopes that they can find that happiness they are so desperately seeking.

    I avoid stores as much as possible and look out for the ones that aren't near as busy (I have found a few!). If they give me holiday cheer in their respective belief, I give one back in mine. If they get mad, I smile pitifully and say "I am sorry for you" and then let it go. Walk away and know that they are sad people.

    Family? Eh I am stumped on that one lol! I sincerely hope you find some cheer this season, it really does suck when it's a sad time of year!

  2. Yea, I don't mind people saying whatever to me as I check out. I honestly don't always know what they say. It's the ones that insist this is only a time for Christmas that I have problems with. Can't even engage them because they refuse to listen. We don't have a lot around us, store wise, but people make big deals about what is put up and sung at public schools/county government buildings, etc.
    Thank you for your words!!! I do appreciate them!