Monday, November 1, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Bacon??

So, tonight's dinner came from gluten-free girl and the chef again!! On Saturday I was able to get my hands on some pork belly when we visited Whole Foods (due to a Halloween party up that way, an hour away). A pork belly is the cut of pork used to make the bacon before all the spices/marinating happens to make it bacon. I also got some good bacon while we were at it!! I really love Whole Foods and wish it were closer!

Anyway, I decided that tonight would be the night and I would roast some brussels sprouts as well. I was so excited to try this recipe, just because it is such a heart attack waiting to happen!!! I also did not have to replace anything (except for using Earth Balance Buttery Sticks instead of butter). I did most of the prep work, including braising, prior to picking up the kidlings at school. Had a lot going on after school so I needed dinner to be done fast!!

For my brussels sprouts, I sliced fresh ones in half then put them in a round stone with olive oil, smashed garlic, salt and pepper. It went in on the top rack while the bacon wrapped bellies went in on the bottom.

After about fifteen minutes, a flipping of the bellies and stirring of the brussels sprouts, I came out with this:

As you can see, both dishes are quite beautiful!! Yes, my kids do eat brussels sprouts, as long as they are fresh. These came out very good!!! The smashed garlic and roasting really brought out their flavor!

While it was very easy to make, it took a lot of waiting time for the braising. Also, because it is a heart attack waiting to happen, we will not have this very often!! LOL!!

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