Sunday, November 21, 2010

Supporting Small Businesses

I have noticed on Facebook, over the last week, a "Small Business Saturday" page that is supposed to take place on Saturday, November 27th, this year. Almost 750,000 people have clicked the "like" button for this page. I think it is great that people want to support small businesses, especially since I am one. However, I do not think people have looked very closely at the page. It is basically an ad for American Express.
If you want to support your small businesses, you need to know that most can not afford the costs involved in credit card sales, let alone American Express which is more expensive than Visa or Mastercard. Definitely support the small businesses in your area. Help them even more by using cash, if you can, and checks, if accepted. Do not use an American Express card. Support your small businesses consistently, not just for one day or by clicking a "like" button.
I sell handmade aprons made from re-purposed materials. I have some friends who run a yoga studio called Evolve Yoga. I have another friend who makes gorgeous, funky jewelry and apparel from re-purposed items. And, I am friends with another company that sells handmade, organic teas, Yera de Herbal Teas. Lastly, there is a struggling small business in our area that is crucial to those with food allergies. None of us accept American Express. We are small businesses that would appreciate your support, however.
Please realize this is a ploy for American Express to obtain information from you. All it is is an ad. To help small businesses, tell them to waive fees the companies have to pay them to "honor" their cards at their establishments. That is what would help small businesses, not a "like".

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