Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Sweet Poochie

My dog cracks me up! She is 7 1/2 years old. We got her at this place we like to call "The Dirt Mall." It is a giant outdoor market where there is flea market type stuff, fruits and veggies and animals. It actually has a livestock auction once a week. The Amish sell their goods there as well. Our poochie, a beagle, came from the Amish and we named her Nimue (said nim-way).

The Amish are not exactly known for careful breeding. Her parents are brother and sister. So, we got her with hip and shoulder displaysia. We found out about that initially because of how she would sit, rolled back beyond her hip bones with her legs open wide. As she has aged, other things have shown up: a thyroid condition and an allergy to grass. She is on medication and doing fantastically!!

This is where she cracks me up! The hubs has to go on travel every so often. He leaves and I get the stink eye from her. I make her food to avoid allergens and she has now taken to "talking" when it is time to eat. Really funny since she barely makes a peep the rest of the day. She just is not a noisy beagle! She will tell me EXACTLY what she wants. Even pawing me in the back of the knee so I look at her while she says it!

Recently, she has learned to open cabinet doors. Now, I came home one day to find trash and the trash can spread all over the kitchen floor. I figured I had left the cabinet door open a smidge and she was able to nose her way in. NOPE!!! I was WRONG!! This beagle will use her paws to open the cabinet door. She can do ALL of them!! I now have to find child safety locks of some kind to lock all of my lower cabinet doors. It has been about six years since I have had to do this. How did she learn this??? It totally cracks me up, however.

Now, for the cherry on top of all of this, here is my sweet, hysterical poochie:


  1. She is precious! It cracks me up when dogs "talk"! We have two dogs-a 14 year old Shepherd Sheltie mix and a 6 month old Border Aussie mix. They both have a lot to say--but they seem so frustrated that we don't understand!

  2. Aww, thanks Valerie! I'll bet they do have a lot to say! She seems to really be able to tell me what she wants. Kinda weird!!

  3. That's so true! After awhile we do understand each other. Our puppy likes to tap us with her paw when she really wants to make her point. Gosh I love dogs!