Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating is for Fun Not Proselytizing

Everyone knows yesterday was Halloween. It is called another name Samhain (said sow-wen), and Ancient Celtic holiday when the veils between the dead and the living are thin and we can easily communicate with each other. This blog properly sums up the meaning and history of Samhain. Thank you to a friend who posted this link.

For some reason, certain groups of Christians believe Halloween to be evil. They take a passive aggressive approach and hand out pamphlets about you needing to be saved TO CHILDREN who are trick or treating. My kids received such a flyer. It is titled "Eternal Life Is A 'Free' Gift." It then goes on connect small sentences from the Bible in order to tell you how/why you have to be saved. This was given to my children from someone who also gave out candy and had decorated simply for the holiday.

I do not get why someone would choose to do this through children during a time that children do not understand the holiday. To kids it is a time for dressing up as someone/something else and getting "free candy." There is no need to ruin their fun due to your perceptions that your belief is the only way. I'll tell you straight: it is NOT the only way.  How about you live your life the way that the pamphlet says or that your Bible says? Christianity is not the only religion in the world. People are free to choose what they believe. Maybe you should not pretend to participate in a holiday you find offensive just to hand out these useless pamphlets. Don't decorate, turn off your light and don't answer the door. It is that easy and lots of people did just that. Let the kids have their fun and turn off your light next year. Thanks!


  1. Ah yes, I have been down that road! I have started taking note of who gives out such crap. Mostly because my kids like to tell me what they get at every single house LOL. So we don't visit those houses anymore. I have considered making my own tracts on the truth behind the holiday and leave them at those houses in reverse trick or treat fashion. But it probably wouldn't get through. People like that are just not willing to listen.

  2. Hahaha! Angela, you should have seen my daughter after she got it. She was all "I want to go back and tell him what it really is and rip this up in his face! He's not a very tolerant person!!!" I was so proud!!