Friday, November 12, 2010

Turning into a TechnoGeek

I've never really been into technology. Our tvs are older models (one takes at least two people to lift it. I am scared what will happen when it actually dies.) We do not have HD. We did have an 8 year old desktop, but it recently died due to the power source frying. It died while the hubs (my resident computer/technology nerd) was out of town. This was extremely disconcerting since the internet was pulled through the desktop and my kids can not live without the internet. That meant I had to figure out how to re-do everything through a laptop.

I am thinking that was when my inner-geekiness started to peek out of the closet. Since then, I have started to figure out the workings of code. **GASP!!** My cell phone was dying. Lucky me, I was eligible for an upgrade!! I went from a Symbian based Nokia Smartphone to an Android based Samsung Galaxy S. Oh my goodness!! It is like going from a VW Bug from the 70s to a 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5!! I am having so much fun with my phone. I feel like I don't need/want my iPod Touch anymore. It feels "outdated."

Which brings to me to adding extensions to Google Chrome. Oh wow!! Upgrading again. Internet Explorer is useless. Windows is useless, actually, I am just taking all of this upgrade stuff slowly and can't put all of my computers to Ubuntu just yet. The two that have it on aren't using the internet efficiently.......YET! I will be getting there. I know I will. I can't be outdated by my own children so quickly!!!

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  1. My inner Geek appeared when I joined Etsy. It was all such a mystery-uploading, downloading, copying, pasting...I wanted to scream and run far, far away. But I didn't. I figured it all out-and mostly on my own. I still use an old 40's rotary phone sometimes though-just so I don't lose sight of my true self:)