Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burrito Showdown

While shopping at my closest MOM’s Organic Market, I found gluten free/dairy free burritos. I was VERY excited. You see, rice flour tortillas are hard to bend into a burrito, so I have not had one in years. The kids were equally as excited! 

I found two brands: one from Glutenfreeda and one from Amy's.

Ingredients in the Glutenfreeda brand:

Ingredients in the Amy's brand:

Here is a pic of the two of them after they are microwaved and before they are cut open. The Glutenfreeda one is on the left. The Glutenfreeda burrito looks like it is wrapped in a "normal" looking tortilla. The Amy's wrap looks kind of like a sponge. 

When you cut them open, the Glutenfreeda's begin to fall apart while the Amy's stay together.



As far as taste goes, it seems Glutenfreeda's relies more on the spice from all of the peppers in it than it does anything else. I like heat, but I like flavor, too. This just does not have taste. Amy's has a lot of flavor. You can see actual beans and rice in it. Its spice is not overwhelming like in the Glutenfreeda one. I will definitely choose Amy's over Glutenfreeda's.

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  1. I totally agree! I like Glutenfreeda's, but Amy's takes the prize.