Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow! Figuring It All Out!

This is so much harder than my previous blog site. I guess once I figure out the look, I will feel better. I am having to figure out all this code stuff. Why couldn't hubs have his degree already?? I guess it isn't that bad. If anyone has any tips to help me set up, I would greatly appreciate it!!

I have son home from school today with a congested head and fever. He will be seeing the doctor today. I mean, I actually managed to get him in at the military clinic on the same day I called and it was 8:30 am when I called!! How cool is that? I am hoping the fever is because of the congestion and he doesn't have something else.

Lastly, today, I am making the pumpkin soup from gluten-free girl and the chef. Shauna had a great idea on Facebook for all of us to make the same recipe and compare notes. I can't wait! I love pumpkin! Gotta go roast the pumpkins before son't appointment!

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