Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Divisive Moments Will Not Unite US.

This morning I saw a post on Facebook about the Pledge of Allegiance not being said at a debate between Joe Walsh and Melissa Bean. You can watch the videos that are available on this page with some crap writing commentary (I will explain myself in a moment). Also, notice the comments below the videos.

This angers me, especially during an election year. The blog, the person/people doing the taping and the comments below the videos are divisive. It happens with both "conservatives" and "liberals." What we should be riled about, though, is that our country is going down the tubes because each "side" thinks the other is "against" whatever, like free speech for this particular incident. We are no longer the "United" States of America, we are divided. It is not because one group has created all of these problems, either. The mess we are in is a cumulation of administrations because stupidity and popularity gets voted into office. Then those very same popular stupids appoint other stupids through another popularity vote. There have been few cabinet members that actually have the experience and smarts to do their job correctly. Unfortunately, they get booted out with each succeeding administration. 

Lose the us vs. them mentality. Last I looked, patriotism does not make the laws, repeal the laws or settle on the "budget" (which is laughable and NOT caused by one administration but by the cumulative effects of pork barrel spending, inefficient investments, etc.). Cumulative effects. While being patriotic is nice, we have larger issues to deal with. 

I am neither a declared Republican nor a declared Democrat. I am considered Independent by the voting board since they don't allow "nothing." Educate yourself on the candidates (beyond a stupid, taped move such as this). What are the candidates saying and what is their record (does it match what they say?). One group is not better than the other and does not know better than the other. It is when the groups can come together in the middle that things can finally happen.

I wish we, as a people, could see this. Remaining divisive means our country continues drowning. Stop nitpicking at things, such as this. Most places that host these do not allow video-taping and it was the moderator that stated the Pledge of Allegiance was not to be said (again, part of the forum). Neither candidate had a hand in that.Therefore, nether the Republican member, nor the Democrat member asked that the Pledge not be said. Stop the pettiness. Stop the blaming. Be a part of the solution. 

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