Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another "Corn" Maze

Today was a beautiful fall day. Sunny, minimal wind, and not cold. We needed to do something outside as a family. We were going to make the trek up the road an hour to see RED the Movie. But that was a lot of inside time. Instead, we opted for another "corn" maze. I say "corn" because it was actually a sorghum maze.

We went to Zekiah Farms in Charles County. They had two mazes: one was from shorter grown sorghum and the other, more intricate one, was taller sorghum that we could not see over.

We ended up walking in circles in the taller one, but it was a lot of fun!! And, once we were done with the mazes, we could visit the animals. I had a piggie try to eat my shoe.

They had cornhole games available to play. A hayride, if we wanted. A great store where I picked up a beautiful hubbard squash. I even asked the owner if they sold the sorghum and she told me to come back after next weekend so I get some. We had a fabulous time!! So, I had my hubby take another picture:

Make sure you get out and have some fun!! This time of year is great (during the day, anyway! LOL!!)!

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