Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Table Scoots

Today was my day to work in my son's school SPOT shop. I do it every other week for a couple hours about one day a week (sometimes two days, but I'll get into that). The kids get SPOTs for good behavior. Their mascot is the leopard, hence the term "SPOT." These "SPOTs" are part of the Positive Behavioral Implementation System (PBIS). There are four lunch shifts and we try to get through all the kids in one day so we don't have to do it the next.

We are stuffed into a closet that stores air filters and us. People donate items to be sold at the shop. Sometimes we get some great items, sometimes just decent items. Today I felt like we were donated right out of that closet. We have a long table the holds various boxes, baskets and containers of goodies, all priced differently in case a kid does not have a lot of SPOTs. The long table scoots. A lot. To the wall behind it. With me between the wall and the table.

First lunch shift has the youngest kids. They are excited to spend their SPOTs. They are ALL eager to be at the table at the same time. Some of them have reached their adult size, I am convinced!! The table scoots. These youngest kids can not make a decision. I mean they will stand there and drool for the entire time if we don not tell them their time is up. Seriously! The table scoots. More kids come up to look and some have a lot of SPOTs so then can look in the larger item boxes. The table scoots. I announce if someone squashes me they will not be allowed to shop the rest of the school year. It eases and I can move the table forward. We need to move these kids along or we will never get through them all. Make decisions and go!

The second lunch shift is a mix of the youngest and some older kids. I think this one has become the worst. They don't listen as well. The table scoots. They all try to pile into the tiny closet! Some want to haggle over prices. Some can not do basic math to figure out how many of one item they can get with their SPOTs. If they can't figure it out, I don't let them get the item. The table scoots. Someone really wants a stuffed animal! The table scoots. I announce that whoever squashes me will not shop for the rest of the school year. At least these kids can make faster decisions; well, the older ones anyway. Come on kids, you are doing geat, make your decisions and go!

The third and fourth lunch shifts, I can breathe. These are the middle and oldest kids, but they have everything right. They line up like they should. They have their SPOTs counted before coming into the store. They listen. If the table scoots one time, I only need to say it once and the whole rest of the lunch shift just KNOWS! I enjoy helping out these kids. Maybe it's because I have already dealt with uber-excited kids. Or, maybe it's because I survived another day and did not get squashed as the table scoots.

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