Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Feel Old

Have you had an experience where someone obviously younger than yourself makes an utterly vapid comment? You just shake your head and walk away. That is what was happening while I was trying out another blogging site. I found it very young. I could not find other bloggers to follow because they did not interest me. Then today, one of the bloggers was asked a very serious question. Her answer was bad. I mean, I am all for giving people hope, but this answer was beyond bad. It had to do with the military and a possibility of getting kicked out. I realized, I knew what the answer was because my husband has been in the Navy 20 years in exactly one week. Then, the cursing that goes on totally floored me. Don't they realize prospective employers do internet searches? I found I was enjoying writing my stories out for others and my family was enjoying reading them. I want to continue that but in a different environment. Anyone want to go for a walk?

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